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If you are looking for new and exciting producers, Wines Unearthed is the new section of Wine Paris and Vinexpo Paris for you to explore.

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Why visit:

Discover 32 small-medium sized wine producers from 13 different countries and one amazing spirits producer from Scotland. They are all looking for distribution in several countries, and have been sent a market fiche to give them a better understanding about how the wine sector is organised in each country. See the full list of our producers below.

Date: 12-14 February 2024
Location: Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris, Hall 5.1, Stand A 077 (by the stairs going up to Halls 5.2 and 5.3)

Exhibitor List (By country)

Alpamata - Argentina

First biodynamic producer of Mendoza (DEMETER certified since 2010)
5 product lines (17 wines)
First unfiltered, cloudy wines from Argentina (since 2015)
First Pet Nat producer from Argentina (since 2020)
World's most Sustainable winery - gold medal 2024 Best of Wine Tourismall wines are from our single vineyard in Lujan de Cuyo
Exporting to 30 countries
European depot in Austria.

Looking for distribution in: France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland
Hectares of vineyard: 35
Volume of production: 120, 000 bottles
Stand number: 33
Contact: Andrej Razumovsky

Barbarians Wine Group - Argentina

Stand number: 20
Contact: Mauricio Boullaude

Australian Wine Showcase - Australia

Stand number: 25
Contact: Peter Muscet
0061 8 7221 3310,
+ 61 412 80235

Hewitson - Australia

Established in 1998 and privately owned, the Hewitson Winery and estate vineyards are in the heart of the Barossa Valley on the historic Seppeltsfield Rd. Recognising the need for winemakers to decrease their carbon footprint, not just as a holistic responsibility towards planet Earth but also demand by consumers world wide, Dean Hewitson (Owner/ Winemaker) and his winery team have passionately committed to environmental sustainability. As well as strongly regarded in all channels in Australia, Hewitson is an experienced exporter for 20+ years, keen to secure additional long term partners across the globe. To secure your appointment, please contact Export Manager: Emma Shaw | emma.shaw@hewitson.com

Looking for distribution in: Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Baltic, Poland, Greece, Romania, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Africa & India
Hectares of vineyard: 50
Volume of production: 300,000 bottles
Stand number: 3
Contact: Emma Shaw
+61 418890229

Sonnenmulde BioWeine - Austria

The estate has been owned by our family for many generations. The name Sonnenmulde originated from a vineyard situated in a hollow and the logo, the vine-crowned sun, has always been on the label of our wines. All wines are developed vegan and organic. We focus on fruity, clear and typical wines, which especially reflect the climate and the character of the soil.Since the middle of the 2000s we have been operating our winery as an organic farm. This means intensive work with the soil, the plants and all other living beings that populate a vineyard, as opposed to a simplistic, sole focus on the vines alone. Everything revolves around the formation of a diverse ecosystem, in place of a barren monoculture. Soil revitalisation through green manure and compost provides all of the nutrients that the vines need, entirely without chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Many useful insects find their ideal habitat in an organic vineyard, keeping pests in check and attracting larger animals like birds and mammals. A vital environment leads to healthy and strong vines that grow the very best grapes, full of sweetness, aroma and perfectly natural of course.

Native animals and plants, which are at home in our organic vineyards, also represent our wines on the label. Each symbol shares a special characteristic or a little story with the wine it stands for. And and every bottle of our wines helps to get the word out that there is much more than just vines in an organic vinyard.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, China, Japan, South Korea, Finland, Denmark,
Hectares of vineyard: 18
Volume of production: 80,000 - 100,000 litres
Stand number: 8
Contact: Kathrin Schreiner
43 2173 2249

Tschida Angerhof - Austria

The Tschida Angerhof winery is located in Austria Burgenlans Illmitz in the Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park, which offers optimal conditions for the production of noble sweet wines of the highest quality. The mild Pannonian climate and the varnishes and salt varnishes distributed around the lake ensure warm days and cool nights, so the noble mold "Botrytis cinerea" can develop particularly well. Hans Tschida's wines have an unmistakable signature, which are characterized by varietal typicality, clear fruit and balance. At the International Wine Challenge in London, Hans Tschida was named best sweet wine maker for the ninth time.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Italy, Canada, Spain
Hectares of vineyard: 35
Volume of production: 500,000 bottles
Stand number: 13
Contact: Daniella Salzl-Tschida
+43 2175 3150

Weingut Emil Bauer - Austria

"QUALITY OVER QUANTITY" is the guiding principle of our company. We are a family run business through 5 generations. If you are interested in high-quality wines that you want to represent exclusively in your country, visit us at Wine Paris.

Looking for distribution in: United States, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, China,
Hectares of vineyard: 16
Volume of production: 120,000 bottles
Stand number: 5
Contact: Matthias Bauer
43 664 9251433

Weingut Michael Opitz - Austria

Good wine is one thing above all: a matter of taste. Nevertheless, we believe that only the perfect combination of variety, origin and vintage makes a wine something very special. As a relatively young winery from southern Seewinkel region (Austria, Burgenland), we focus on independent, authentic wines - straightforward and honest. True to our motto “No tricks. Just wine" we let our grape juice be as it is – with no unnecessary technology and processing. Ultimately, we simply want to serve our customers good, pure wine – no more and no less.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, (Part of the countries)
Hectares of vineyard: 14
Volume of production: 70,000 bottles
Stand number: 32
Contact: Michael Opitz
0043 664 7357 4683

Weingut Weidinger - Austria

Vineyard Weidinger is situated in Ziersdorf in Lower Austria and has always been operated as family business for 6 generations. Our wines, in particular Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Roter Veltliner and Blauer Zweigelt, are driven by superior vineyard location, fanatical vineyard management, minimalist winemaking, and a bias for learning from experience. With quality as a company value it is essential that the very best fruit is sourced and utilized to make the best wine possible. Flexibility and perfection are the hallmarks of our work.

Looking for distribution in: United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland
Hectares of vineyard: Example 430
Volume of production: 150,000 bottles
Stand number: 18
Contact: Michael Weidinger
0043 6649485440

Casa Valduga - Brazil

Stand number: 6
Contact: André Tomasi
55 54 21053122

Champagne Lacroix-Triaulaire - France

In the heart of the Cote des Bar, Theodore and Marie-Claire work together on the familial estate and manage every steps from the vineyard to the bottle. Our Kimmeridgien's soil let us the possibility to elaborate champagne wines with a vision more gastronomics and with high quality, cuvees of feature, rich, on the length. Our little tanks and barrels give us the possibility to separate each wine to reveal the terroir and obtain cuvee with high identity whether it be vintage, only one variety, just one parcel or simply for blending.

Looking for distribution in: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Asian countries
Hectares of vineyard: 8
Volume of production: 80,000 bottles
Stand number: 2
Contact: Theodore Lacroix
33 6 73 11 22 59  
33 3 25 29 83 59

Chateau La Rayre - France

CHATEAU LA RAYRE est une petite propriété viticole en Dordogne en agriicukture biologique, vegan et 100 % végétal produisant des bergerac et des monbazillac

Looking for distribution in: France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
Hectares of vineyard: 25
Volume of production: 100,000 BLLES
Stand number: 10
Contact: Vincent Vesselle

TC Vineyards - France

Stand number: 21
Contact: Cyril Meidinger
0033 6 26 37 59 91

The Winery Kublashvilli - Georgia

Stand number: 28
Contact: Robert Joseph and Vladimer Kublashvili

Najma - Italy

“Our estate is a family-run business, where all choices are guided by the values of love for our traditions and respect of the environment." Tucked away in a stunning area, set between the exquisite land locked lagoons of Venice and the grand Carnic Alps, in the province of Pordenone, the lush vineyards of this family run estate, bear witness to the long-standing family tradition of  of passionate effort and endless love. The Stone Pine symbol presented on every cherished bottle, the tree — grown by ancestors to use in the construction of boats and palaces in Venice — marks  the family’s highest respect for sustaining the surroundings’ rich fertility, as also officially recognized by the Italian Sustainibility Certificate (SQNPI) obtained in recognition of the low impact and regenerative viticultural techniques adopted and for the respect paid to the environment.Our passion for agriculture and for wine has always led us to respect  the plants that we grow. In our vineyards, every vine is carefully followed step by step, all along the production cycle and by adopting low impact techniques and eliminating the use of herbicides, we reduce the stress to plants and, above all, give back sustainability to our land. To achieve our goals, we also partner with those who believe in the implementation of regenerative practices as a way to combat the impact of climate change and to restore degraded soils.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Germany, Sweden
Hectares of vineyard: 20
Volume of production: 30,000 bottles
Stand number: 26
Contact: Elisabetta Cichellero
39 3482669495

Tenuta Sant' Antonio - Italy

Tenuta Sant'Antonio was established in 1995 as a dream of the four Castagnedi brothers who, coming from generations of winegrowers, were committed to making iconic wines guided by research, experience and passion, giving a new interpretation to terroirs that encompass true milestones of the Veneto, Italian and worldwide winemaking tradition. Valpolicella DOC and Soave DOC

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Asia
Hectares of vineyard: 150
Volume of production: 2 million bottles
Stand number: 16
Contact: Elena Verzini

Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito - Portugal

Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito, CRL., Established by public deed in 1960, started its activity in 1963. It results from the dream, effort and work of the majority of wine growers in the regions of Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito, based in the experience of tradition and in the recognition of reinvention, supported by a recognized and remembered quality. Adega's viticultural herds include the best indigenous grape varieties, kept for several generations, distinguished by the Antão Vaz variety, also known as «Vidigueira variety», which produces a unique white.

Looking for distribution in: United States, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Spain
Hectares of vineyard: 1,400
Volume of production: 7 million bottles
Stand number: 9
Contact: Miguel Ramos

No Rules Wines - Portugal

No Rules Wines, a revolution in the wine world, emerges from the audacious vision of Tiago Macena, Cláudio, and António Martins. Under the motto 'Wines Without Rules', our brand defies convention, embracing creative freedom at the heart of Dão and potentially in Serra da Estrela. Our commitment lies in producing wines that break barriers, showcasing quality and innovation. With the debut of our ‘Código’ line, we symbolise our philosophy of rebellion and excellence. Aiming to produce 30,000 bottles annually, we promise unforgettable enological experiences. No Rules Wines is more than a brand; it's a manifesto of authenticity, daring, and freedom in the wine universe.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland
Hectares of vineyard: 9
Volume of production: 30,000
Stand number: 12
Contact: Tiago Menca
00351 967 094 943

Boa Esperança & Cardo - Portugal

We produce organically and sustainably...

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland
Hectares of vineyard: 79 ha & 15 ha
Volume of production: 400,000 & 100,000 bottles
Stand number: 24
Contact: Tiago Cristóvão

Cas'Amaro - Portugal

It is our vision and option to work in harmony with the nature that exists in each of the 5 wine regions we are. We maintained, developed and respected local ecosystems, indigenous grape varieties, reinforcing the already planned intention of working organically, within existing terroirs. We are producing different bio wines, taking advantage of the unexpected in our vineyards and wineries, looking forward to make the best varietal wines or preparing the best blends for you and the global market. Come and taste our wines as a true trip around Portugal, a country of great distinctive wines!

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea
Hectares of vineyard: 63
Volume of production: 200
Stand number: 1
Contact: Rui Costa

Principal, Milagres, Bella Dao - Portugal

Fladgate Still & Sparkling Wines was created in September 2023, after the purchase of IdealDrinks by The Fladgate Partnership.IdealDrinks was established in 2010 by a Portuguese businessman living abroad, who was passionate about wine. He decided to invest in Portugal and to embrace the challenge of producing wines of exceptional quality to rival those made in the classic wine regions in the world, namely Champagne, Bordeaux, and Burgundy.Fladgate Still & Sparkling Wines will continue this challenge, adding even further expertise, knowledge and over three centuries of heritage.

Looking for distribution in: France, Italy, Canada, Spain
Hectares of vineyard: 200
Volume of production: 200,000 bottles
Stand number: 29, 30 and 31
Contact: Raul Riba D'Ave

Quinta do Gravançal - Portugal

Quinta do Gravançal was born from a family dream that the Rodrigues brothers' father developed at the end of the 1980s.With settled “wine-growing maturity”, the brothers mobilized a engineers’ team who, under the Rui Cunha guidance - Portugal Winemaker of the Year 2023 - advanced to the 2nd stage of this dream, producing wines commercialized under the brands Mimus and Qtª do Gravançal, maintaining the authenticity of the Douro Superior Terroir.

Mimus polyglottos is a migratory bird that can be heard in the Gravançal vineyards, and it is with his brand that we want to give “wings” to our wines from the Douro to the World.

We invite you to taste wines from a region where, against extreme climatic adversities, one proves that high quality wines can be produced harmoniously, based on oenological team knowledge, adequate selection of grape varieties, combining sun exposure, vineyard altitudes and passionate work respecting the environment.

"Quinta do Gravançal, the Mimus Sound!"

Looking for distribution in: United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland
Hectares of vineyard: 20
Volume of production: 20,000 bottles
Stand number: 22
Contact: Armindo Rodrigues
00351 918200810

Adega Marel - Portugal

Embark on a transcendent voyage through time and history, showcasing the illustrious tradition of Amphora wine—a practice since the Roman era. Settled in Portugal's arid heartland, our vineyard reveres this ancient technique, blending heritage with innovation. Discover captivating stories behind each bottle, where the expertise of seasoned vines meets the creativity of a vibrant, dynamic winemaking team. Explore the rich tapestry of flavours and aromas crafted from these esteemed grapes, echoing a legacy of authenticity and excellence. Immerse yourself in our dedication to preserving tradition while embracing innovation encapsulated in every bottle.

Looking for distribution in: France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland
Hectares of vineyard: Example 430
Volume of production: Example loads
Stand number: 12
Contact: David Morgado
00351 916 790 440 / 00351 967 094 943

Vicentino Wines - Portugal


Stand number: 7
Contact: Filipe Caetano
351 963 935 447

Brave New Spirits - Scotland

Brave New Spirits are an innovative independent bottler, blender and distiller of Scotch Whisky.   Based in Glasgow, they produce a range of whiskies to appeal to every palate and price point, from high quality, great value blended Scotch for retail & horeca,  through to rare & exclusive single cask releases for specialist retail.  Established in 2020, the company already trades with retailers, wholesalers and importers in more than 25 countries - in many cases on exclusive projects.

In the last year, Brave New Spirits have received many of the highest industry awards, from organisations such as the IWSC, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, World Whiskies Awards, Scotch Whisky Masters, International Spirits Challenge & the People's Choice Spirits Awards

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland
Hectares of vineyard: Example 430
Volume of production: 700,000 bottles
Stand number: 4
Contact: Paul Dempsey
0044 141 406 3793 / +44 7868 393 618

Cronier Wines - South Africa

Cronier Wines brings you our rich family tradition of quality and the art of winemaking in every bottle, delivering the vibrancy of the Cape Winelands to wine connoisseurs worldwide.

We are passionate about our products. We are working to meet the needs that customers have today and innovating to meet the needs they'll have tomorrow.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada
Hectares of vineyard: 500
Volume of production: 1.5 million bottles
Stand number: 14
Contact: Johan Cronje

Bodegas Vinícola Real - Spain

Bodegas Vinicola Real is a small family winery that nevertheless produces a great brand of international prestige, 200 Monges.

Our wines are renowned for their longevity. Wines that last over time. Our red and white reserves are surprising for their elegance, their personality and their incredible ageing capacity. Old vintages of great wines and new bets are combined in a winery that combines tradition and modernity in its most surprising bets, such as natural wines or the organic line.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany
Hectares of vineyard: 75
Volume of production: 500
Stand number: 17
Contact: Myriam Ruiz/Silvia Rodriguez
export@vinicolareal.com, silvia.rodriguez@vinicolareal.com
34 941 444 233

Casa La Rad - Spain

Stand number: 11
Contact: Marta Castro Vilalta
0034 663586893

Pago Los Balancines - Spain

Pago los  Balancines was founded back in 2006,  identified  by an extremely unique vineyard: The fresh sea winds from neighboring Portugal seemed to arrive “gunned”, refreshing the vineyard permanently , and the old Tempranillo planted on the state seemed to have an equally Portuguese origin that corresponded to the Tinta Roriz, a qualitative clone of the Castilian with enormous specific weight in Port wines.   The team at Pago los BALANCINES work with the desire to produce the best possible wine using organic practices that make respect (for the territory, for the varieties and for viticulture and oenology with a high component of tradition) the foundations of our progress.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Asia
Hectares of vineyard: 70
Volume of production: 250
Stand number: 19
Contact: Ana Hernandez
+(34) 637304217

Viña Memorias - Spain

Viña Memorias is a family winery located at the heart of the DOP Utiel-Requena, a privileged terroir in the heights of the Valencian region, 70 km inland from the Mediterranean sea.

It was founded in 2016 in the spirit of preserving their family heritage, the local winemaking traditions, and to help re-write the modern history of its appellation. They cherish a story rooted in the past, just as the ancestral vines are rooted in the calcareous-clay soils and it chronicles the creation of a singular, honest and personal wine collection, with sense of place.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore
Hectares of vineyard: 18
Volume of production: 35, 000 litres
Stand number: 27
Contact: Armando Caracena-Molco
0034 669043007

Abbey Island Wines - UK

Stand number: 23
Contact: Ray O'Connor MW
0044 (0) 7786654637

Los Cerros de San Juan - Uruguay

Our winery was founded in 1854 by the Lahusen family, we are the oldest winery in Uruguay (declared a monument and historical heritage of the nation). In Colonia del Sacramento region, with gravel and rocky soils similar to Bordeaux, top grapes grow on 45 hectares planted on dry river terroir on the slopes of the San Juan hills. With the advice of the renowned French winemaker Michel Rolland, our winery focuses on Premium wines that cover a wide range of price range, several white and red grapes, as well as elegant but innovative winemaker techniques.

Looking for distribution in: France, United States, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland
Hectares of vineyard: 45 + 10
Volume of production: 165, 000 litres
Stand number: 15
Contact: Tamara Tassara
+54 911 6767 5115