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Vinexpo Hong Kong

Vinexpo Hong Kong

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at Vinexpo Hong Kong: May 2018



Is Hong Kong a market you’d love to be in but unsure if you’d take the risk on your own? Why not come with us?

Wines Unearthed is a proven successful business matching area for individual selected producers who are looking for partners in the market. Quality is key and all exhibitors are verified before they are accepted.

We are proposing to build a Wines Unearthed area inside Vinexpo Hong Kong in 2018 (29th-31st May) where we will offer producers a fully built, low-cost stand with everything required just to turn up and start doing business. We will include tasting equipment, branding, a bespoke brochure, promotional support and market data.

We are offering an early bird package with 10% discount (€3.555) if you sign up before September 1st. See below the full list of what’s included.

‘What makes Vinexpo attractive to wine professionals like me, is the combination of professionalism, quality exhibitors and senior-level attendees. This strict admissions policy and pre-registration takes enormous preparation and organisation with which Vinexpo has plenty of practice …. This is all part of the buzz and excitement surrounding Vinexpo.’

‘Why Vinexpo Hong Kong is the Most Important Wine Show in Asia’ by Jeannie Cho Lee – Forbes Magazine – May 2016.



About the market and Vinexpo Hong Kong:

Vinexpo Hong Kong is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Hong Kong next year. We personally visited this wine fair in 2016 and were impressed by the quality of the exhibitors (design, countries, brands), the professionalism of visitors and the organisation and marketing skills of Vinexpo. We believe Vinexpo is the right partner to help replicate the quality of what we’ve been doing inside the London Wine Fair for the last 3 years.

China is expected to overtake the UK as the second most valuable still light wine market by 2020 with the category forecast to increase by over 40% between 2016 and 2020 after the US – IWSR 2016 (+8,9% in HK and +19,3% in China between 2016 and 2020).

In 2016, Vinexpo Hong Kong welcomed 17,200 trade visitors, +2,5% compared to the previous edition in 2014, but most importantly the number of visiting countries represented at the fair more than doubled: 25 in 2014 vs 51 in 2016.

58.8% of Vinexpo’s visitors in Hong Kong are importers, merchants, wholesalers or brokers and 73% were decision makers.


About WU:

Wines Unearthed is run by the UK’s current Wine Marketing Company of the Year. The Directors, Judy Kendrick and Ana Sofia Oliveira had the idea of creating a fully serviced package for individual quality producers looking for distribution in specific markets.

The idea behind Wines Unearthed is that

  1. all the producers looking for distribution are in one place – easier and more focussed for buyers and you don’t get ‘lost’ in the Fair as you might if you were on your own
  2. you have help with promoting yourself in our newsletters, on-line winesunearthed.com and directly with the fair who becomes our partner
  3. you have some preparation for the Fair and about the market so buyers know you are prepared, and you are also better able to understand the market
  4. it’s as easy as it possibly can be to exhibit – everything is included in the price offered: you just have to get yourself and your wines to the show
  5. Wines Unearthed is fully integrated into Vinexpo Hong Kong ensuring that the area is well promoted, identified and visited


About our offer:

The package costs:

€3.555 (early bird price until September 1st 2017)

€3.900 (after September 1st)


What’s included in the exhibiting package:


  • a fully branded 3 sq metre stand with all the equipment you need (corkscrew, ice, glasses, spittoons).
  • a page in a bespoke brochure, and an entry in the main Fair catalogue. On-line entry on the Vinexpo web site and details on winesunearthed.com.
  • a document about the market – all designed to help you understand the market better
  • we want to make it as easy as possible for you – so you just have to get yourselves and your wines to the Fair and we give you all the tools you need to start selling.



To sign up for Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018: just send us an email. In the email tell us

  1. your story (what’s so special about you)
  2. your web site address and
  3. why you think you should be in Hong Kong


As a reference, you should have a look at the video of our London participation on the home page of www.winesunearthed.com – this explains the concept quite well and it’s easier to understand when you see it visually.


Our offer is the principle low-cost fully supported option to exhibit at Vinexpo Hong Kong: We hope you’ll join us.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Kind regards



Ana Sofia de Oliveira and Judy Kendrick


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