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Why Visit

Why Visit

Champagne Xavier Duvat


Wines Unearthed  is a section of the London Wine Fair exclusively for buyers looking for new producers.

In 2017, 100 producers from 19 different countries came to London to find distribution. 

We want buyers to know that Wines Unearthed exhibitors are prepared and ready to export.

In Wines Unearthed, you’ll find producers who are family owned, organic, sustainable, biodynamic, niche, main-stream, ambitious, investing in export, producing large volumes/small volumes, sparkling wine producers (Cava, Prosecco, Champagne), indigenous grape growers, and lots lots more . . . . the things they share are the quality of their products and the amazing stories behind their wines and their wineries.

Are you looking for producers who are ready to export and know what to expect when selling to the UK market?

TO QUALIFY TO EXHIBIT, every producer has

  • had to apply, prove the quality of their products and been through a selection process before being accepted to exhibit
  • received a comprehensive document about exporting to the UK
  • attended a seminar about working in this very demanding market.

Grant Hearn, GM Brands:

“I just wanted to say Wines Unearthed was a great idea to hold this and very worth while for me and my company. Wines unearthed was brilliant for us. I spent 2 full days talking to nearly all producers. The producers all seemed very well briefed and knew the UK market. It was a great event and having them all in one area was a great idea.”

Stephen Barrett, On-trade wine buyer:

“Top section at LWF Great individuals doing what the wine people do best – smile and pour wines. It works!”

Sarah Abbott MW, journalist:

“I got to taste some really interesting and delicious wines from Hola Wine, Heumann Winery / Pincészet, and others who I can’t find to tag…Ecuadorian chardonnay? Who knew! Very good. Also, the show was fantastic for Arba Wine – amazing response from serious and knowledgeable tasters AND it has given them proper commercial opportunities from several key trade channels. Great job ladies.”