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Annette Lizotte – Brand Ambassador/Export #winelover Tenute Tomasella

I have visited the London Wine Fair in 2008 for the first time and was overwhelmed by the professional booth of the big distributors that I almost thought it would not be worthwhile attending as a producer if you are not already distributed by somebody. 

We know about the high alcohol taxes in the UK, the big competition, wines from all over the world are sold in the UK – it feels almost intimidating for a small artisanal producer. Just by luck, thanks to the great network of the  #winelover community  I heard about “Wines Unearthed” to make a booth for all producers of artisanal wines who were not yet distributed in the UK and from all different countries. The organization before and after the fair was outstanding. An introduction to the UK market was offered the day before the fair and 5 of the most influential people on the UK market kindy gave a quite detailed information of all aspects of doing business in the UK. The design and location of the booth was attractive, light and cheerful and efficient. You felt that people who entered that area  “relaxed” in the same time became adventurous to taste products they never had before. I had very successful tastings at my booth and got immediately feedback from several importers right after the fair. I started doing business in July. I can highly recommend to participate at the London Wine Fair with “Wines Unearthed”. It is the best way to get a good insight to the UK market. The Wines Unearthed team makes sure that you’ll get attention from some of the most important buyers and sommelier and journalists on your booth. Also after the fair you can always ask for support and further info from extremely kind and professional Wines Unearthed team. 

Annette Lizotte – Brand Ambassador/Export #winelover Tenute Tomasella – http://www.tenute-tomasella.it/

Annette Lizotte – Brand Ambassador:Export #winelover Tenute Tomasella - http-::www.tenute-tomasella.it: