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2017 Producers

2017 Producers

ACCESS TO 2017 CATALOGUE: http://www.winesunearthed.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Wines_Unearthed_2017_LoRes.pdf

Winery production figures and pricing guidelines (appendix to the brochure) can be viewed here. (this document will be updated on the first day of the Fair and amended copies will be available at reception): Wines Unearthed additional production and pricing info

Argentina: La Consulta, Maipú and Cafayate

Karim Mussi Wines – Stand X159

Contact: Karim Mussi Saffie

e: kms@altocedro.com.ar

w: www.altocedro.com.ar

Karim Mussi Wines are the result of many years of working and getting to know the land to make high-end wines with outstanding personalities. In our philosophy, terroir is everything, leaving a unique signature in each bottle we make. Producing our wines in the finest and most heterogeneous wine regions of Argentina, such as La Consulta, Maipú and Cafayate, we get to create wine that speaks distinctly of the place where it originates. Behind every bottle of Karim Mussi, you’ll find devoted hardworking people, sustainably grown grapes and innovative winemaking techniques adapted to a boutique operation.



Armenia Wine Company – Stand X139

Contact: Nairy Chaglasyan

e: nairy@armeniawine.am

w: www.armeniawine.am

Armenia Wine Company is a family owned winery, founded in 2008, and has become the national market leader, as well as the main exporter of Armenian wines.
Balancing ancient traditions & modern winemaking techniques, we strive to make authentic wines which represent the uniqueness of our beautiful land.
Armenian grape varietals grow in volcanic soils in a harsh climate and at extremely high altitude – this is what makes our wines truly different & interesting to the wine consumers worldwide



La Bise Wines (Wine Architect) – Stand X123

Contact: Natasha Mooney

e: tash@winearchitect.com.au

w: www.winearchitect.com.au

In France it is normal to ‘faire la bise’, or greet family and friends with a kiss on each cheek. Natasha Mooney’s La Bise aims to give vineyards a kiss of life: vineyards that grow interesting varieties and that at times have been neglected and require renovation. La Bise aspires to create interest in wine with styles and varieties that are unconventional and thought provoking. Natasha has been making wine in the Barossa and Adelaide Hills for over 20 years. Since 1998, when her Barossa Valley Estate E&E Black Pepper Shiraz was heralded by Wine Spectator magazine, Natasha has honed her trade, working on a range of brands as The Wine Architect and as a co-owner of Fox Gordon Wines. Accolades for Natasha’s wines comprise trophies at the 2016 International Wine Challenge, the 2015 Decanter Wine Awards, along with numerous awards within Australia.



Ten Miles East – Stand X123

Contact: Taiita Champniss

e: taiita@tenmileseast.com

w: www.tenmileseast.com

A nine-acre vineyard and winery in the cool Adelaide Hills. UK-based British/Australian owner/winemakers handcraft small batches of highly personal wine. The site is small and unusual so a hands-on approach is used in the vineyard that is easy on the environment, but cares for each vine individually. The wines are gently but adventurously made, without rushing: wild ferments, few additives, lees and some extended skin contact. Most of the wines aren’t fined and the reds aren’t filtered.



G Patritti & Co Pty Ltd – Stand X124

Contact: Anna Nuttall

e: wines@patritti.com.au

w: www.patritti.com.au

The Patritti family produces award-winning wines and non-alcoholic juices from South Australia’s best regions. The family owns two exceptional vineyards in the beautiful McLaren Vale region and craft their most exclusive red wines from these vines. They also produce a range of traditional and alternative varietal wines from the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and Adelaide’s oldest vineyard, the Marion Vineyard. Patritti craft a range of non-alcoholic, natural sparkling grape juices that are unique and highly sought-after in Australia and overseas. Patritti began exporting more than 40 years ago and their high quality wine and juice can be found in more than 15 countries world-wide



Penley Estate – Stand X125

Contact: Michael Armstrong

e: michael.armstrong@penley.com.au

w: www.penley.com.au

Penley Estate is a medium sized family owned winery established in 1988. We are 5th generation of winemakers,

dating back to the start of the Penfold’s name. Our name being made up of the two families Penfolds and Tolley. Even

though we’ve been trading for almost 30 years as Penley Estate, and have a strong reputation in the Australian wine

industry, we believe our wines are very much reflective of a contemporary style, package and today’s wine drinker…


Austria: Weinviertel

Weingut Hirtl – Stand X119

Contact: Andrea Hirtl

e: office@weingut-hirtl.at

w: www.weingut-hirtl.at

At Winery Hirtl 300 years of tradition meet the spirit of modern bon-vivant-culture. Genuine origin, working with the nature and personal service by Andrea and Martin Hirtl is the family’s mission. Since the strongest expression of Weinviertel region’s origin is the Grüner Veltliner Weinviertel DAC, the Winery Hirtl offers such a broad spectrum of peppery Veltliners, as only a few do.


Austria: Weinviertel

Gut Kellerstöckl- Stand X119

Contact: Horst Schuckert

e: schuckert@gut-kellerstoeckl.at

w: www.gut-kellerstoeckl.at

Deeply rooted and reaching for the stars, one could say about Gut Kellerstöckl. The winery is operated for several generations in Ketzelsdorf. Our vineyards extend over 25 ha in the municipality of Poysdorf and are managed by Horst ecological and organic. And that can be found today in the Gut Kellerstöckl’s wines: centuries of tradition of wine making connected with fresh ideas and modern knowledge make full drinking pleasure.



Helenental Kellerei – Stand X180

Contact: Debbie Stahl

e: ds@helenavalleywinery.com

w: www.helenavalleywinery.com

The Austrian Helenental Kellerei Winery is based in the region of Retz, Austria. Helena Valley Winery the US subsidiary is based in New York City. Award winning, 4th generation winemaker Manfred Bannert produces our exquisite Grüner Veltliner, White Cuvée, Rosé and Helena Red reserved for the European and US markets cherishing the Austrian Art of Wine. Helena Valley Winery is the winner of the WSWA 2015 “Best White Wine in Show and Double Gold”.


Chateau Bon Baron – Stand X156 & X157

Contact: Jeanette van der Steen

e: info@bonbaron.com

w: www.bonbaron.com

CHATEAU BON BARON Is a successful BELGIAN wine estate that opens its doors to the world. The Dutch business couple Jeanette and Piotr Van Der Steen planted 17 ha vineyards with 14 different varieties in the beautiful valley of the Meuse in Dinant in southern Belgium. “No region is better for growing grapes than this.” The winemakers Jeanette and Piotr are self-taught and seek advice from several well-known winemakers from all over Europe. The results of these multiple influences aimed at the Cool Climate terroir of this region in Belgium, shows by national and international trophies for both white and red wines, as well as its unusual sparkling wines. Each vintage produces about 75,000 bottles. The goal during London Wine Fair is to develop a network for the coming years in the UK, Asia and North America. The first vintage of Château Bon Baron dates back to 2005. Vintages available from 2013 to 2016. Philosophy : QUALITY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE


Domein Aldeneyck – Stand X157

Contact: Karel Henckens

e: info@wijndomein-aldeneyck.be

w: ww.wijndomein-aldeneyck.be

In the heart of the Meuse Valley in Limburg, Europe’s most northern Pinot Vineyard is nestled on the sunny South Eastern slopes of the Meuse, in the picturesque town of Aldeneik, nearby the cultural city of Maaseik. The Pinot blanc, Gris, Noir Chardonnay and an sparkling Pinot Brut are cultivated with a great deal of passion on the mineral-rich pebble and gravel terroir. The warm microclimate and the unique stony soil of the valley of the Meuse guarantee a mineral, elegant and fruity taste. Our Pinot wines have been repeatedly awarded the prize of best Belgian wine.



Wijnkasteel Genoels-Elderen – Stand X156


e: info@wijnkasteel.com

w: www.wijnkasteel.com

Belgium’s first and main castle winery, cultivates 54 acres of vineyards on the nearby sunny slopes. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines have been planted here since 1991. They flourish in the heart of Europe’s fruit orchards, due to the ideal climate and the unique marl and loam layers. The vineyards are managed in the most natural way possible with low yields. Our sparkling and still wines are the result of a unique terrain, healthy grapes, hard work and a continuing passion and knowledge. Experience Made in Belgium! “The fruit structure and acidity are ideal for sparkling wine; the mousse displays a degree of technical expertise that is –quite frankly- exceptional; and the light hand with which the oak has been used could serve as a textbook lesson to 99% of Champagne growers” Tom Stevenson, Wine Report, 100 most exciting wine finds. “Amongst the few hundreds bottles of Chardonnay that I have tasted this year, the Wijnkasteel Genoels-Elderen has been the most riveting and interesting discovery and I believe that this will rank highly in my future reference in terms of complex, multi-faceted wine” Olivier Marie, Head sommelier, United Kingdom, London, Restaurant Coq d’Argent “Our Belgian pride” Alain Bloeykens, Vinopres



Lidio Carraro – Stand X107

Contact: Monica Dornelles

e: lidiointernational@lidiocarraro.com

w: www.lidiocarraro.com

Lidio Carraro is a Brazilian, family-owned winery with a viticultural tradition going back 5 generations. They started bottling their own wine in 1988 and launched the first wine in 2004. It has always been a respected vineyard in its homeland Brazil, and also abroad. The wines are international in quality with a voluptuous Brazilian appeal. We already export to 20 countries on 3 different continents and are now wishing to find a partner in the UK.

Following a Purist Philosophy, from grapes to wine, Lidio Carraro is focused on expressing the essence and integrity of the wine, and is committed to developing world-class wines.

Lidio Carraro was the first winery in Brazil to apply integrated and sustainable viticultural and oenological management. This involved a thorough study of clones, soil mapping, strict production control, and special vinification techniques without the traditional use of wood. Attention to every detail makes an enormous difference to the final result and allows Lidio Carraro to create unique wines, with rich complexity, structure and balance – only possible with the best raw material.



Bulgaria Regal Wine Selection – Stand X155 & X168

Contact: Kalin Martinov

e: officerwsc@gmail.com

w: www.wineanddrinks.eu.

The dream of our company is to support and help new Bulgarian winemakers and raise the profile of Bulgarian wines by selling some seriously stunning, premium drops. Our company has gathered together some of the leading Bulgarian winemakers under our brand Bulgaria Regal Wine Selection. For more information please visit our web site: www.wineanddrinks.eu.

Their personal mission is to work hard for the rebirth of this wine-making tradition, taking care of the unbelievable nature & terroir of Bulgaria.

– Katarzyna Estate – one of the Bulgarian wine leaders will present the Bulgaria famous wine variety – Mavrud.

– Magura winery – with care & attention to restoring the glory of the Bulgarian varieties – Gamza and Vrachanski Misket.

– Rupel winery – will show you the fine local varieties – Melnik, Tamiyanka and Misket.

– Svishtov winery – you will have a chance to taste the famous Gorchivka and Muskat.



Viña Palo Alto – Stand X133

Contact: Martín Cuthbert

e: martin.cuthbert@quintademaipo.com

w: www.paloaltowines.com

Since its inception in 2006, Palo Alto has focused on producing premium and superior wines that faithfully represent the incomparable value of each area of the Maule Valley, where most of the winery’s production takes place. Throughout its history, Palo Alto has carried out different initiatives and sustainable practices in each stage of its productive process, seeking to be a contribution both in those places where it develops its activity and in the most distant areas of the country. Today, Palo Alto’s sustainable commitment continues, recently launching the Enjoy Wine, Go Solar campaign to achieve greater energy efficiency at the Santa Laura de Lo Figueroa School, in the Maule Valley, which benefits about 200 students with hot water in their dressing rooms.



Viña Canepa – Stand X133

Contact: Martín Cuthbert

e: martin.cuthbert@quintademaipo.com

w: www.canepawines.cl

Canepa is the portrait of three generations of a family with deep Italian roots, who at the beginning of the 20th century found in Chile the ideal terroir to start its own winery. That is how one of the most remarkable companies in the Chilean winemaking history was born, capturing in its wines all the tradition of its origins.



Feravino – Stand X160

Contact: Josip Pavičić

e: josip.pavicic@nexe.hr

w: www.feravino.hr

Winery Feravino is a producer of grape and wine. Winery Feravino grows grapes on 160 ha of vineyards in Feričanci wine-growing area. Winery Feravino owns a wine cellar built in 1962 in Feričanci with 2 000 000 l capacity. Annual production is 900.000 liters. Feravino produces white wines: Graševina , Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and red wines Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt and Rose.



Vinos Dos Hemisferios – Stand X143

Contact: Carla Artinano

e: cartinan@doshemisferios.com

w: www.vinosdoshemisferios.com

In Ecuador, where the two hemispheres meet, we have achieved the unthinkable; to produce High Quality Wines. Our vineyard is located in San Miguel del Morro, Playas, on the coast of the country. An area characterized by its sunny days, cold nights, chalky soils, and its everlasting sea breeze.


France: Alsace

Wunsch & Mann – Stand X177

Contact: Thierry Mann

e: thierry.mann@gmail.com

w: www.wunsch-mann.fr

Wunsch & Mann is a family owned winery, based in the heart of the Alsace vineyard in Wettolsheim, closed to Colmar. They are owners of 40 hectares of vineyard, which have been organic certified since 2011. They produce 7 wine grapes varieties, 3 Grands Crus and different types of Cremant. Today, the young 4th generation of the family has taken the lead of the winery, to find the good compromise between tradition and modernity.
After many years of successful business in the UK with an importer who retired, they are now looking for a new importer to maintain their position and to promote together their famous Alsace wine.


France: Beaujolais

Domaine de la Fond Moiroux – Stand X183

Contact: Bernd Bachhausen

e: berndbachhausen@fondmoiroux.com

w: www.fondmoiroux.com

We are producers of very traditional Beaujolais Cru. Up to 24 months of cellaring in French Oak.


France: Beaujolais

Domaine de la Milleranche – Stand X117

Contact: Jérôme Corsin

e: jerome.corsin@wanadoo.fr

w: www.milleranche.fr

The CORSIN family settled in Jullié in the 18th century, embarking on a tradition of wine making that is now nine generations old.

Our mission is to respect the land and sustain the environment by linking traditional, sustainable, and innovative winemaking techniques.

Our passion is to please the taste buds of wine lovers.

We are looking forward to bringing our Cru du Beaujolais Juliénas and Beaujolais-Village to trendy London and any other places beyond the French Hexagon.


France: Beaujolais

Pardon & Fils – Stand X129

Contact: Dimitri Ducroux

e: d.ducroux@pardonetfils.com

w: www.pardonetfils.com

The Pardon family have owned vineyards in the Beaujolais wine-growing region since 1820. The demarcation of the fine Crus into appellations (AOCs) only started in 1936.

Our cellar is in the locality known as “La Chevalière” in Beaujeu in the département of Rhône (69), about 55 km north of Lyon. Beaujeu is the historical capital of the Beaujolais wine-growing region.

We also have two wineries, one in RÉGNIÉ DURETTE and the second in FLEURIE, further north in the area of the Crus. 

So as to be able to offer a comprehensive range, in addition to the wines from our


France: Beaujolais

Domaine Roger Peguet – Stand X181

Contact: Mathilde Ferraux

e: mferraux06@gmail.com

w: www.rogerpeguet.com

We produce our own wine with a traditional method called « Burgundy vinification » that allow a real soil expression. Moreover, our winemaker follow the principles of sensible wine growing that is very important for us ans for the environment.


France: Bordeaux

Vignobles Hubert – Stand X148

Contact: Jean Luc Hubert

e: peybonhomme@terre-net.fr

w: www.vignobles-hubert.com

The Hubert family are the owners-winemakers of two properties : They have owned Château Pey-Bonhomme-Les-Tours in Blaye, in the commune of Car, since 1895 and Château La Grolet, from St-Ciers de Canesse in the Côtes de Bourg, since 1997. These two domaines both make wines using Biodynamic methods.
Great care is given to ensure a natural vinification and, this, teamed with the Biodynamic principles employed, allows the wines to reach a complexity and great purity: native yeasts, no collage, little or no sulphites. Pey-Bonhomme and La Grolet offer fruity wines rich in minerality, which are true to their terroir. 2 places, 2 landscapes separated only by 8 kms expressing different strengths. If Pey-Bonhomme makes it possible to obtain red solar and aerial wines, La Grolet expresses the element “Earth” from its clay-gravelly soil where the roots of the vines plunge deep into the earth.
Brother and sister Guillaume and Rachel, are the 6th generation of the family. They are continuing to uncover the uniqueness of the scenery and to preserve the landscape. Before replanting a plot, they plant hedges and fruit trees to obtain a true “effect-bocage” visible from the tower of the Castle Pey-Bonhomme! They also wish to propose a selection of original and exceptional cuvées. It is at Pey-Bonhomme that you will find a parcel named by the older generation as the “Plot of Penchant-Midi” reputed to be the one producing the best Merlots in Cars.
Pey-Bonhomme also has a 3 hectare vineyard of white grapes where they are producing a much sought after white wine of great finesse.
We look forward to sharing these wines with you in May

France: Bordeaux

Château de Lionne – Stand X118

Contact: Clémence Miane

e: miane.clemence@gmail.com

w: www.chateaudelionne.net

The château de Lionne is taking a new breath, thanks to Véronique Smati that has launched herself into this beautiful adventure: Giving a new impulsion, a new life to the château which is full of secrets.
The Château de Lionne it’s 37 hectares of Graves AOP : 30 hectares of red and 7 hectares of white.
Château de Lionne it’s also and most of all the passion, a desire, a reborn, an adventure and a research of the best way of working.
In fact, the research of a fruity red wine, delicate, full of roundness. And a crispy white wine , with a beautiful acidity on great hint of citrus fruits


France: Bordeaux 

Domaine de l’Île Margaux – Stand X146

Contact: Pierre  Favarel

e: p.favarel@bordemer.net

w: www.bordemer.net

Domaine de l’Ile Margaux is a vineyard located on an island on the river Garonne in Margaux. Its micro climate is exceptional: the surrounding water protects the vines from the freezing temperatures in winte ; the wind following the river blows the clouds away so there is more sunshine; and twice a day the water irrigate its unique terroir. Organic since 2015, manually harvested, vinified and aged in oak barrels on the island Margaux.


France: Bordeaux

Bordeaux Vineam – Stand X178

Contact: Mark Salamanca

e: a.brescon@bordeaux-vineam.fr

w: www.bordeaux-vineam.fr

“Bordeaux Vineam is the owner of 6 Châteaux over 240 Ha in the Aquitaine Region. These include five in the Bordeaux region, and one in the Bergerac AOC. Bordeaux Vineam is a winegrower conscious of the impact of its activity on the soil, natural resources and the environment. Since 1999, Bordeaux Vineam has committed itself to cease using synthetic chemicals, herbicides and GMOs.”


France: Bordeaux

Château Des Mille Anges – Stand X153

Contact: Heather van Ekris

e: sarlmilleanges@gmail.com

w: –

Château des Mille Anges owes its name to the locality “Milange” where one found the  Convent of the Sisters of the Assumption located next to the site of the new church of Saint-Germain-de-Graves, which was rebuilt in the 19th century in neo-roman style and where one can admire the square clock tower and its ancient paintings.   Until the Fist World War, little children were taught by the sisters, but the Convent was subsequently closed because of the war. Mrs Van Ekris, seduced by the unique panorama bought the vineyard in 1994. The name Château des Mille Anges is in memory of the little children who were thaught here.   Major investments have since been made. A new chai for the oak barrels, new storage facilities, expansion and renovation of the cuverie. All cuves are individually climate controlled as well as the storage facilities. Also added were 2 new staff apartments.


France: Bordeaux

Château Vrai Caillou – Stand X187

Contact: Philippe de Meillac

e: vraicaillou@orange.fr

w: www.vraicaillou.com

The Vrai Caillou estate has been in the Pommier family since 1863. It has passed down through the generations, first from father to son and then from father to daughter. Vrai Caillou wines are the result of a long family tradition which has developed alongside the estate’s endless rows of vines.
Christel and Philippe de Meillac have been at the helm since 2012 and the Vrai Caillou estate currently covers 90 hectares of vineyards, which are divided up as follows – 65 ha of red grape vines (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc) and 25 ha of white grape vines (Sauvignon and Semillon). Christel and Philippe de Meillac work ceaselessly to maintain high quality standards and year after year their efforts are recognized by various awards.
They have been given a HVE “High Environmental Value” certification by the Ministry of Agriculture for their efforts in protecting biodiversity, plant protection strategy, management of fertiliser and water use.


France: Bordeaux

France: Bordeaux

Château Puyfromage – Stand X114

Contact: Frédéric Marque

e: marque1955@gmail.com

w: www.puyfromage.com

Puy…..from edge : Puyfromage is from an English name !

A family-owned wine estate of 53 hectares located a few kilometers from Saint-Emilion. Loaded with history and turned towards the future, our property develops its know-how in respect of its terroir and for the satisfaction of its customers. On a daily basis, our team is committed to a process respectful of the environment in order to maximise our grapes. We have the environmental certification ISO 14001. Quality and efficiency are our ongoing goals. Our large production is mainly distributed abroad. Our wines are fruity wines with a developed aromatic profile. Wines with a soft tanic structure, smooth and round. Wines easy to drink and to match with different dishes.


France: Champagne

Champagne Gratiot & Cie – Stand X182

Contact: Amélie  Gratiot

e: amelie@champagne-gratiot.fr

w: www.champagne-gratiot.com

The history of the Gratiot family is solidly rooted in the Marne Valley, where they have been wine growers for 5 generations. Today, Rémy continues to carry on the family tradition and know-how while bringing in a touch of modernity. In our 18 hectare vineyard, we cultivate the 3 Champenois grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and especially Pinot Meunier. Maintaining the optimal quality of our grapes demands an eternal quest for perfection.


France: Champagne

Champagne Eric Taillet – Stand X161

Contact: Eric Taillet

e: champagne.eric.taillet@wanadoo.fr

w: www.champagne-eric-taillet.fr

Eric Taillet is convinced that harvest is the time when things take place. A time to focus on, without compromise. From this passion and care, his wines get a true connection with their terroir. A little something that makes Taillet Champagne so distinctive.


France: Champagne

Champagne Hoerter – Stand X171

Contact: Valérie Hoerter

e: hoerter@wanadoo.fr

w: www.champagne-michel-hoerter.fr

Winemakers from father to sons for four generations, the members of the Hoerter family have acquired a lot of know-how from the land and the vines.
The founder, Joseph began working very few vines and sold the entirety of his grapes by the kilo. Maurice started selling champagne wines.
It was Michel, his son who took over the business and developed sales and different blends with the help of Claudie, his wife.
Today, Jean-Philippe, Joseph’s great-grandson, is one of those passionate grape-farmers who manage their vineyards in person. He knows each of his plots by heart. He works in close contact with nature so that she gives us her best and so that our grapes develop their fruity taste and full freshness.
Champagne Michel Hoerter range is now diversified ; sometimes flowers, sometimes minerals, full-bodied and round.


France: Champagne

Champagne Béatrix de Gimbres – Stand X116

Contact: Morgan Bernaille

e: welcome@champagne-beatrix-degimbres.com

w: www.facebook.com/ChampagneBeatrixdeGimbres

Our family have been producing Champagne since the mid-19th century. Settled on the Great Mountain of Reims in the first vineyard village Rilly-la-Montagne, we cultivate the vines with passion on nearly 70 plots. This great diversity allows us each year to choose and gather the best wines. Certified HVE, we attach particular attention to respect this exceptional terroir. So we practice grassing mastered and we encourage biodiversity by working on the development of wildlife protection. This allows us to preserve the quality of our soil and our vineyards, most of which are aged over 50 years. The roots, which continue to grow, explore the deep subsoil and bedrock to give the wines the best of their qualities. Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grow rich with these buried treasures to give all the typicality of Champagne Béatrix Gimbres. Custodian of these lands and guarantor of this know-how, we attempt to perpetrate the French-style etiquette through our Champagnes.


France: Champagne

Champagne Atair – Stand X106

Contact: Philippe Gantois

e: phgantois@icloud.com

w: www.atair.fr

Ataïr is a celebration of love.

An extremely ancient Chinese legend lies behind the Saint Valentine tradition that we know today. According to this legend, the star Ataïr fell in love with the young fairy Vega while she was bathing with her sisters in a lake. The couple were married. Ataïr proved himself to be a loving husband, and Vega a wonderful wife. But discovering that a mere mortal had married a fairy, the goddess of the skies separated the young lovers forever, tracing a broad river in the sky, and thus creating the Milky Way. Once a year, all the magpies in the world join together, forming a bridge over the river and allowing the eternal lovers to come together for just one night.

It is the story of this eternal love, a love that was forbidden and yet very real, that inspired the legendary history of Ataïr Champagne. Champagne that rings out in homage to all the lovers throughout the world, and which perfectly accompanies all their most precious celebratory moments.

Ataïr is a celebration of love. A celebration of young lovers, as well as those not so young, a celebration of love at first sight, of the craziest love stories as well as the more conventional.

Ataïr celebrates couples in love, couples entwined in each others arms, those with a multitude of children, and those with a multitude of plans. Ataïr celebrates the love that strikes out of the blue, the love that is completely irrational, and the love over which time has no hold.

Ataïr is a celebration of all these sparkling couples and all the couples who have the world at their feet.

France: Champagne

Champagne Guy Charbaut – Stand X186

Contact: Alexandra Chojnacki

e: guy.charbaut.info@orange.fr

w: www.champagne-guy-charbaut.com

Wine growers from father to son for three generations, the members of the Guy Charbaut family have preserved the family character of their Champagne House in order to perpetuate the prestige of their name and the quality of their production. In 1936, their grandfather, André, cultivated his first vines in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, the greater part of which is located on privileged hillsides classified between 90 and 100% on the Échelle des crus, resulting in the production of quality champagnes with excellent presentation.


France: Champagne

Champagne Lacroix Triaulaire – Stand X166

Contact: Théodore Lacroix

e: champagnelacroixtriaulaire@orange.fr

w: www.champagne-lacroix-triaulaire.fr

Historically established in vine-culture in the Cote des Bar, Lacroix-Triaulaire family perpetuates a know-how inherited from their ancestors. Marie-Claire and Theodore Lacroix, who are independent winegrowers, control the whole process from the grape production to the vinification and up until the final marketing stage.
Sensitive to the environment, as passionate winegrowers, Marie-Claire and Theodore, choose natural methods and the terroir is sustained with organic broad principles.
As an oenologist, Theodore has the technical know-how and vision to excel himself each year and develop new cuvées. The vinification is made plot by plot in small-sized vats as well as in oak-barrels, allowing the typical character of the wines and their specific terroirs to be expressed. Our philosophy leads us to use indigenous yeast, to carry out low temperature fermentations in order to obtain fine wines endowed with a real expression.
The range of champagnes of Lacroix-Triaulaire is a volume of well-crafted works, hand worked with inventiveness and passion. Discovering one of their achievements is a book opening onto the Cote des Bar terroir and the house style.


France: Champagne

Champagne Roger Barnier – Stand X185

Contact: Frederic Gauthier

e: champagne.barnier.rg@wanadoo.fr

w: http://champagne-roger-barnier.fr/

We are a family winegrower estate since 5 generations in Champagne. We regard as essential four dimensions in our champagne cuvees:
– Blending from identified plots
– Aging in oak barrels our wines before assemblage
– No malolactic fermentation in order to reveal full flavours
– Giving time to champagne aging
– Our vines and cellars are located south of Côte des Blancs in Villevenard village, and due to our geological history the soil is complex with a chalk depth of 80 metres.


France: Champagne

Champagne Duchene – Stand X130

Contact: Florence Duchene

e: champagne.duchene@gmail.com

w: www.champagne-florence-duchene.com

In the heart of Champagne, a land of excellence, the Champagne Florence Duchêne continues the work of several generations in the purest tradition of Champagne. 4 hectares of vineyards spread over 56 wine plots in several villages: Aÿ (grand cru), Cumières (1er cru), Hautvillers (1er cru), Damery, Oeuilly, Vauciennes and Châtillon / Marne.


France: Champagne

Champagne Delavenne Père & Fils – Stand X121

Contact: Maelle Delavenne

e: maelle@champagne-delavenne.fr

w: www.champagne-delavenne.fr

A Work of Heart
Grand Cru Champagne and the love of a family who patiently creates it.
Our expertise has been passed down from generation to generation since 1920, safe-guarding the traditions of the Champagne region and the family values of our estate.
Conscience about preserving the quality of our land for future generations, we opt for integrated agriculture. Moving toward organic growing practices whenever possible, we treat the environment with the utmost respect, constantly seeking information and taking clues from others about how we can do more to protect it.


France: Languedoc

Château Capion – Stand X149

Contact: Eugenie Bayadina

e: genibay@gmail.com

w: www.chateaucapion.com

Known since the Roman age, contemporary Chateau Capion comprises 43 ha of vineyard in one of the greatest terroirs in the South of France, Terrasses du Larzac. Many of you will already know the spectacular wines of our dear neighbours Mas de Daumas Gassac and Grange de Peres, so you’ll know that the exceptional mixture of soil and climate allows us to create powerful yet elegant reds, expressive whites and aromatic rosé wines. After changing ownership in 2016 the winery started its conversion to organic production methods, engaging the best specialists in oenology and agriculture. We’re building a new identity of southern French fine wine.


France: Languedoc

Domaine Saint Hilaire – Stand X169

Contact: Nick Kent

e: nick.kent@domainesaint-hilaire.com

w: www.domainesaint-hilaire.com

Domaine Saint Hilaire – An undiscovered gem in the Languedoc
This historic vineyard was given its name by Baron Hilaire Reynaud, one of Napoleon’s generals when he bought the estate in 1817. Nestled on rising ground near the Mediterranean, the vineyard’s 34 Ha of clay and limestone soil, warm Languedoc sunshine and cooling sea breezes together create a perfect terroir for crisp aromatic whites and elegant and full-bodied reds . The Domaine is now owned by a UK family who have combined the estate’s tradition with modern techniques to produce a range of outstanding wines. International recognition is following with the 2016 awards including two Decanter Silver awards and two voted as “Languedoc Top 100 Wines”. 


France: Languedoc

Domaine Ste Croix La Manuelle – Stand X164

Contact: Laurent Pelepol

e: saintecroixlamanuelle@orange.fr

w: www.saintecroix-lamanuelle.com

The Domaine de Ste Croix La Manuelle is a family estate of 40 hectares managed from father to son for 4 generations, and located in the heart of Provence.
The vines are exposed on the hills clay-limestone of the commune of Thoronet and on the sandstone of the commune of Carcès benefit of an exceptional sunshine.
The grape varieties of the estate offer 12 red, rosé and white wines; silky and fruity cuvées with different aromas, the freshness of which is so characteristic of Provence.

France: Languedoc

Domaine La Mijane – Stand X128

Contact: Eric Baby

e: eric.baby@lamijane.com

w: www.lamijane.com

Near the famous Medieval “Cité de Carcassonne”, with the beautiful Canal du Midi running directly through it, La Mijane is a Domaine shaped by history. Wine grower since the 18th century, la Mijane has stood the test of time in its majestic setting. The estate covers a hundred hectares including 35 hectares of vines. Located on the southern slope of the Black Mountain, at the intersection of two climates, La Mijane is renowned for his AOP Cabardès. This appellation allows the combining of two families of grapes: Atlantic and Mediterranean. It is an AOP “east wind, west wind” …
The region is an ideal base to discover the wines of the Aude, the Cathare Country!


France: Loire

Saget La Perrière – Stand X158

Contact: Amandine Roy

e: a.roy@sagetlaperriere.com

w: www.sagetlaperriere.fr

Established in Pouilly-sur-Loire for several generations, Saget La Perrière is a family business, contemporary and specialist of Loire valley wines.
The Saget Family offers an introductory journey along the Loire through its two signature labels Guy Saget and La Perrière, as well as its estate wines: Domaine Saget (in Pouilly-sur-Loire), Domaine deTerres Blanches (in Sancerre), Domaine des Grandes Espérances (in Touraine) and Château de la Mulonnière (in Anjou).
Domaine de Terres Blanches, located at Bué-en-Sancerre, reaches to sublimate the mineral expression and the delicacy of its terroirs with the help of Stéphane Derenoncourt. It offers distinctive Sancerre wines, an elegant and structured Pouilly Fumé and the Coteaux du Giennois wines present a superb approach of the Centre Loire wines.
Domaine des Grandes Espérances, in the heart of Touraine, is a modern-style and forward looking estate. It has subscribed to the Terra Vitis scheme which pioneers sustainable winegrowing in France. The wines are generous, festive and full of charm and promise.
Located in Beaulieu-sur-Layon, Château de la Mulonnière boasts exceptional terroirs in the most prestigious appellations of the Angers region such as Quarts de Chaume, Savennières or Coteaux du Layon Beaulieu. Château de la Mulonnière’s second wine, its M label, is a wonderful introduction to Anjou wines with a Rosé d’Anjou and an Anjou Blanc 100% Chenin.


France: Provence

Château Saint-Maur – Stand X158

Contact: Marc Monrose

e: mmonrose@zannier.com

w: www.chateausaintmaur.com

Already the owner of the Quinta do Pessegueiro in the Douro for more than 25 years, Roger Zannier took up the challenge of turning the Château Saint-Maur into one of the finest references in Provence, entrusting the fate of this Provencal gem to his son-in-law, Marc Monrose. Situated in Cogolin, Just 10 km from Saint-Tropez, to the west of the plain that links the foothills of the impressive Maures mountain mass to the sea. In the distance, at the top of its hill, arise the ruins of Grimaud Castle. Nestled at its feet are its packed houses, and then the vines that cover the hillsides between scrubland and cork oaks.


France: Provence

Moulin De La Roque – Stand X113

Contact: Jean Francois Chabod

e: jeanfrancois.chabod@laroque-bandol.fr

w: www.laroque-bandol.fr

Founded in 1950, the Moulin de La Roque is located in Le Castellet, in Provence, and produces AOC Bandol and Côtes de Provence wines on a vineyard of about 300 hectares oriented towards the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by a range of hills and mountains forming a perfect natural Amphitheatre.


France: Provence

Maison Gutowski – Stand X107

Contact: Aline Gutowski

e: aline@m-g.wine

w: m-g.wine

Maison-Gutowski’s dreams was simply to create a product of great quality: a delicate rosé wine inspired by the essence of pleasure for lovers of good taste.

Following in the footsteps of the family’s tradition and after years exploring Provence to create the most delicate expression of rosé – this is when M-G Rosé Grande Cuvée was born

There is great diversity of soils in the Côtes de Provence appellation, and this gives us the opportunity to select the highest quality terroir and to create a blend using traditional grape varieties grown on the soils where they best express themselves.

Our goal: the desire to create and share a wine of excellence by bringing together specialists where each one bring their unique touch. 

M–G Rosé, the perfect pairing for those unpredictable moments!


France: Rhône

Domaine Vallot – Stand X105

Contact: Anaïs Vallot

e: anais@domainevallot.com

w: www.domainevallot.com

Fourth generation wine maker and owner, François Vallot, has been at the head of the wine-estate since July 1976. He has continued with his father’s policy; a careful choice of grape varieties enabling the production of vintage quality wines.

The exceptional climate of Vinsobres coupled with François’s true passion has allowed him to obtain the French organic certification « AB » in 2003. One year later he earned the “Ecocert – DEMETER” certification, and started biodynamic farming methods on his 30 hectare vineyard.

The vines are cultivated and worked according to the seasons and the lunar calendar, respecting the biodynamic specifications. Through hard work and dedication, the Vallot Winery team of employees nurtures the highest quality of grapes and ensures the best of quality in wine production.


France: Rhône

Le Clos du Bailly – Stand X131

Contact: Stéphane Zeraschi

e: info@closdubailly.com

w: www.closdubailly.com

Set up in 1779, our winery is located in the southern part of Côtes du Rhône, in Remoulins just 2 km from the Pont du Gard, part of the UNESCO world heritage list. Our 26-hectare-vineyard is in 2 appellations: AOP Côtes du Rhône and IG Côteaux du Pont du Gard. We benefit from a diverse range of grapes (Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre, Cinsault, Marselan, Carignan, Viognier, Ugni Blanc) allowing us to make a wide variety of great blends. Since most of our vines are 30 years old and older, they bring the full flavour potential to the berries. Opposite to the typical Southern Rhône Valley wines, we aim to make fruity, light and easy-to-drink wines.

Why should an importer work with us? We are consumer focused. The new generation of consumers looks for more casual, approachable wines. Our passion is to create fruity, social, easy-to-drink wines We are a family business. We are committed to building strong, long lasting relationships with our distributors. We are flexible. We can create special blends or use dedicated packaging to set-up or develop special concepts targeting niche markets. Having lived in London for some years, we are passionately connected with the British market


France: Rhône

Domaine Vintur – Stand X172

Contact: Aurelie Schubnel

e: aurelie.schubnel@shorecap.co.uk

w: www.vintur.fr

Domaine Vintur will be showing its wines at the “Unearthed” LWF show in London on 22/23/24 May 2017. We are looking for partners to work with us in UK and worldwide and would love to meet you at the show..
About Us
We are an independent wine estate in the southern Rhône on the lower slopes of Mont Ventoux. Our farming is organic and we began certification as an organic producer several years ago.
eRobertParker.com gave 90 points to 4 of our wines The vines are mostly 30-50 years old, offering award-winning complex red, white and rosé wines, with subtle but engaging aromas and flavours.
Under new ownership from the 2011 vintage, our production is artisanal. Since 2011 we have four gold medals, three silver medals and the Trophy for the best white wine of the Appellation
Most of the vines on the 12 ½ hectares of planted land are 30-60 years old, so fully mature, giving the potential to produce complex wines. The location is ideal for producing high quality fruit, thanks to a combination of Provençal sunshine, mistral winds and limestone/clay soil. Reflecting the age of the vines, our yields are low and we produce between 40,000 and 45,000 bottles per year.
Our red wine production is from Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Carignan, the Southern Rhône standards. For white wine have Grenache Blanc, Clairette and Roussanne. For rosé we have Grenache and Cinsault, the classic provençal grape varieties.
We produce three ranges: Tradition, Reserve and Limited Edition at different price points..


France: Roussillon

Domaine Riere Cadene – Stand X179

Contact: Guillem Batlle Riere

e: gb@domainerierecadene.com

w: www.domainerierecadene.com

==> WHO we are : a young & dynamic family winery nested between Mediterranean Sea and Pyrenees Mountains that both have a strong influence on the wine style.
==> HOW we work : nature first. Ongoing conversion to organic agriculture.
==> WHAT kind of wines : either fancy or offbeat. Either easy drinking or luxury. Always affordable high quality wines.
==> WHY YOU SHOULD MEET WITH US : cool guys, good wines. flexible & reliable. Looking for long term partners.


France: Spirits

Distillerie Du Peyrat – Stand X176

Contact: Jean Francois Rault

e: dist.peyrat@wanadoo.fr

w: www.distilleriedupeyrat.com

The Distillerie du Peyrat has distilled Cognacs for several decades but the family has been present as distillers in the Charente region since 1705. After having distilled Cognac for bigger, well known brands, the owner decided to produce and market his own Cognac with a rather unique specialization in the Cognac area : the production of Organic Cognacs. Distillery du Peyrat now produces exclusively 100% organic Cognacs. Located in a small village 10km East of Cognac on the banks of a river, du Peyrat produces, distills and ages his eaux de vie with the respect of the environment and the intense expression of the terroir.

Germany: Rheinessen

Contact: Emily Montgomery

e: emily@bossert-gundersheim.de

w: www.bossert-gundersheim.de

We’re a 5th generation family winery in Gundersheim, Rheinhessen. We have two different lines of wine at the winery, from our 19 hectares we use around four hectares to produce our premium wine and then the rest of our vineyards are harvested to produce our daily-drinking wine. Three years ago Philipp and Johanna, the current generation of winemakers, had a dream to expand the winery and produce premium as well as daily-drinking wine. Philipp and Johanna may be young, but they’re experienced. They’ve studied at Geisenheim University, worked in their family winery along with interning at wineries in Burgundy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. We prune with sheep, harvest by hand, we use renewable energy as much as possible, and age our wine in French Oak. Our goal is to find an importer that would like to import either a selection of our daily-drinking wines, and perhaps our premium wine as well.


Italy: Abruzzo

Torri Cantine – Stand X167

Contact: Pierluigi Antonacci

e: p.antonacci@torricantine.it

w: www.torricantine.it

Torri Winery was born in 1966 in the beautiful and fertile hills of Teramo, the pride of a territory and important chapter in the regional viticulture, writes today a new story, without forgetting the roots that gave birth to its history.


Italy: Piedmont

Torraccia del Piantavigna – Stand X115

Contact: Nigel Vince Brown / Alberto Chinaglia

e: nigel.brown@torracciadelpiantavigna.it / alberto.chinaglia@torracciadelpiantavigna.it

w: www.torracciadelpiantavigna.it

Based in Northern Piedmont in the foothills of the Alps, below the Monterosa, Italy’s most emblematic peak, Torraccia del Piantavigna is one of Italy’s most prestigious wineries with its own 100 acres of hand-tended hillside vineyards. Our wines have won the prized “Tre Bicchieri” award from Italy’s leading guide “ Il Gambero Rosso” for 9 years in succession and have other top international ratings,  including a 30th place in the Best Italian Wine awards for 2015, selected by a  panel including Tim Atkin and Christy Canterbury. Exports grew dramatically  in 2016, the quality of our wines, the packaging and the all marketing approach, attracting leading distributors. Our products are imported for the North of England by Continental Wines and Spirits and are in the fine wine selection of the Wine Society. We are now seeking an importer for London and the South of England. 

Italy: Umbria

Podere Marella – Stand X102

Contact: Ionela Ungureanu

e: podere.marella@gmail.com

w: www.poderemarella.com

Located on the boundary between Tuscany and Umbria on the Western banks of Lake Trasimeno, Podere Marella is set in the midst of mature oak woodland, crop fields, and olive groves. From its vineyards – extending over 22 acres – organic Umbria IGT and Trasimeno DOC wines are produced from the local grape varieties Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Gamay, Grechetto and Vermentino.

Fiammetta Inga, founder of the winery, moved to Podere Marella from Northern Italy in 1974 and turned to organic winemaking and farming shortly thereafter, becoming one of the first Italian organic wine producers. The vineyards, winery and country house are now managed by her son Cosimo, with the same passion and enthusiasm.

Although production is small, the focus is on uncompromising quality, and the estate’s award winning wines have been rated among the best in their categories at international wine contests.

Organic farming and respect for the local wildlife have preserved the mellow beauty of the territory, making the estate one of the most uncontaminated and peaceful natural oases in the area.


Italy: Lombardy

Aldo Rainoldi – Stand X163

Contact: Michela Benigni

e: michela.benigni@rainoldi.com

w: www.rainoldi.com

In the northern Italian Alps, a patchwork of steeply terraced vineyards graces the northern side of the valley in Lombardy that stretches 25 miles east to west. The vineyards, all facing south, receive optimum sun exposure and are ideal for growing grapes. Winemaking here dates back to the first millennium and nowadays Valtellina is the only well-established and recognized wine region almost completely dedicated to growing and making Nebbiolo.
In that valley, our history began in 1925 when Aldo Rainoldi started selling wine in Lombardy and in Switzerland. During the Sixties Giuseppe, Aldo’s son, started to export our wine all over the world especially in U.S.A., Canada, Japan and Europe.
Giuseppe realized immediately that he had to extend the range of our products in order to meet the needs of increasingly cosmopolitan and international customers.
At the end of the Nineties Aldo, Giuseppe’s nephew, after his graduation at University of Viticulture and Oenology of Turin, started supporting Giuseppe in managing the company and making wine.
Nowadays our production is around 190.000 bottles thanks to nine hectares and 78 wine growers who are followed by Aldo Rainoldi.
The production of top quality wine respecting our family tradition and the environment is our daily goal.


Italy: Tuscany

Podere La Villa – Stand X191

Contact: Jonathan Sulenski

e: jonathan@jonsul.demon.co.uk

w: www.podere-la-villa.com

Podere La Villa is a Tuscan estate founded by Giacomo Tachis the eminent Italian oenologist behind the Super Tuscan revolution and great wines such as Sassiscaia, Ornellaia and Tignanello. Ilaria Tachis, Giacomo’s daughter, has taken over the development of the estate, now producing three wines, and is seeking importers and distributors in the UK. The back story and provenance of the estate is impressive and the wines display an elegance and sophistication evidenced by the accolades they have received internationally.

Italy: Tuscany

Fattoria Le Fonti – Stand X142

Contact: Vicky Schmitt-Vitali

e: info@fattorialefonti.it

w: www.fattorialefonti.it

Fattoria Le Fonti, located in the bio-distretto of Panzano in Chianti, is a family-run boutique winery that has been producing award winning Chianti Classico and IGT Toscana wines since 1994.
Vicky and Guido Schmitt-Vitali are the family’s second generation of winemakers. They combine German organization and Italian creativity in their commitment to creating excellent wines while minimizing their impact on the environment. In fact the 9 hectares (22 acres) of vineyards and 1000 olive trees are all farmed organically and sustainably. They strongly believe that a great wine starts in the vineyard and take meticulous care of their vines. There is a rigorous green harvest in August as a pre-selection for the main harvest and to guarantee optimum maturation of the remaining grapes. All the grapes are harvested entirely by hand.
The annual production is 45.000 bottles divided between DOCG Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, IGT Supertuscan and two base wines Rosato and a Rosso Toscano.
For the UK market the winery is looking for independent importers, wine shops and wine clubs.



Commenda Magistrale – Stand X111

Contact: Rosy Bovo

e: commendamagistrale@gmail.com

w: www.commendamagistrale.com

Commenda Magistrale is the calling card of a splendid territory, reflecting its millennial tradition of producing olives and wine, located in the town of Maruggio, Italy, which was settled during the second half of the 10th century by the inhabitants of local farms who had survived the Saracen invasions. In 1270 the country became the first ground of the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta. During this time, the town experienced the most economically important period in its history. The historic district today still boasts the ancient coats-of-arms belonging to the various Commanders of the Knights Hospitallers of Malta. The Cooperative embraces an area where olive groves and vineyards are cultivated according to the strictest organic farming methods. The majestic centuries-old olive trees dominate the landscape with their peculiar “twisted” trunks, and vines grown in part with the old system tree, which was introduced more than two thousand years ago by the Greeks, evoke a charming throwback to ancient traditions. The vinification is carried out under the constant control of wine experts, in accordance with the most modern techniques, so that there is a perfect balance between technology and tradition.The cellar, completely underground, is equipped with modern vinification and bottling plants from which we obtain a finished product of the highest quality, such as the famous Primitivo di Manduria DOP, in both its dry and natural sweet versions. The line of products is completed with the production of the rose and white wines of the Salento regions, all of which are IGP and have a timeless and unmistakable taste. The production process also extends to the olive sector. The extraction of olive oil is characterized by the presence of a line dedicated exclusively to the processing of the organic product with cold extraction. Still in use today is a black granite crusher, with which an extra virgin olive oil with exceptional organoleptic properties is extracted. All products by Commenda Science, with their timeless and unmistakable taste , are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.


Italy: Tyrol

Tenuta Baron Longo – Stand X110

Contact: Anton Longo

e: tenuta@baronlongo.com

w: www.baronlongo.com

The vineyards of the Baron Longo Winery with its centuries-old history encircle the picturesque Castle in Egna/Neumarkt. Anton Baron Longo runs the wine estate building on the long-standing family tradition. He introduced contemporary winemaking techniques emphasizing on natural cultivation methods and careful pruning. The soils are enriched by the minerals from the nearby glacier resulting in premium wines and distinguish an outstanding character with unmistakable fragrance.

Italy: Multi Regions

The Vinum – Stand X151

Contact: Vassilios Dragani

e: v.dragani@thevinum.com

w: www.thevinum.com

The Vinum aims to promote a high quality production with attention and respect for the environment and the territory. Sustainable farming and the latest winemaking techniques make our products an excellence of “Made in Italy”.
The connection with the territory and our history, along with constant attention to innovation, distinguishes our cellar.
Our goal is to create wines capable of recounting a history, but above all to enthuse you at the first sip!


Italy: Apulia

Colle Petrito – Stand X190

Contact: Roberta Bellini

e: robertacollepetrito@gmail.com

w: www.collepetrito.it

Colle Petrito is situated in Apulia, within the Murgia plateau. Our cultivated lands stretches at an altitude of about 300-350 metre above the sea level. In Apulia, especially in the Murgia area, is possible to find different types of subsoil, such us: tufaceous, limestone-rich and clayey; all these different types of subsoils, allow us to produce different types of wines.The winery was founded in the early 2000 by three friends: Antonio, Giuseppe and Michele, who wanted to share their personal production of wines with the world. Thanks to the hard work of the three owners and their families, the knowledge of the most advanced techniques, the experience in this field, respect for historical traditions of Apulian oenology and the technological innovation and research, nowadays, Colle Petrito and its wines are recognized on a national and international level. The aim of the company is to satisfy their customers while maintaining the peculiarities of each wine. In Apulia, especially in the Murgia area, is possible to find different types of subsoil, such us: tufaceous, limestone-rich and clayey; all these different types of subsoils, allow us to produce different types of wines.

Lebanon: Mount Lebanon

Sendiana Wines – Stand X134

Contact: Charles Eid

e: charles.eid@sendianawines.com

w: www.sendianawines.com

The name “SENDIANA” comes from the Lebanese translation of “Oak tree”. The region of Mount Lebanon, where many of our vineyards are situated has an abundance of oak trees and the Lebanese “people of the land” have a strong affection for this tree, which offers shade in summer and wood for warmth in winter. Additionally, oak of course plays an important role in the art of wine making.

SENDIANA is a “boutique” wine, made in the Monastery of St Jean in the Mountains of Mount Lebanon. Father Charbel Hajjar, a resident monk, is the principal winemaker. He learned his craft in France and now lectures in winemaking at the AKU University in Beirut. He is expertly assisted by Ulrich Hoffmann, another accomplished and award winning winemaker with over 15 years of winemaking experience in prestigious wineries across Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England) and America.

Lebanon: Mount Lebanon

Chateau Fakra – Stand X141

Contact: Carlos El Adem

e: info@fakra.com

w: www.faqra.com

“Château Fakra”, situated in Kfardebian valley in Kesrouan, Mount Lebanon, is one of Lebanon’s most popular producers and named after the Roman temples of Fakra in Kesrouan Mountains, where, in ancient times, wines were dedicated to the Gods of Wine and Love; to Dionysos (Bacchus) and Astarte (Venus).
“CHATEAU FAKRA” came to add an innovative approach to a millenary wine industry. Upon his return from Argentina, in 1982, the owner, Dr. Carlos Guillermo Adem expanded his interests towards the wine industry by creating “CHATEAU FAKRA”. Splendid vineyards, with ideal terroir conditions, the combination of the soils of fertile Bekaa Valley and Mount Lebanon, a professional viti-oeno follow up and oak aging gave birth to a collection of premium Lebanese wines.
“Chateau FAKRA” increased its international brand awareness by participating in worldwide contests that crowned our selection with more than eighty medals confirming the excellency of our wines.


Lebanon: Mount Lebanon

Alcart Sal- Chateau Oumsiyat  – Stand X162

Contact: Mr Joseph Bou Sleiman

e: oumsiyat@gmail.com

w: www.chateauoumsiyat.com

Established for the last 4 generations in winemaking, the Bou Sleiman family is very attached to local values using their expertise and respect for tradition to continually improve the quality in their wines. Assuming the family torch, Joseph Bou Sleiman continues the work of his father Victor. A great passion of the vine and a remarkable experience in wine growing let Joseph to patiently learn all he could about wine. After several years of experience, “Chateau Oumsiyat” observes light. Created with care and dedication, this wine represents the fusion of the Old world with the New world style of wines. Oumsiyat’s aim is balance and harmony, body and aroma, power and elegance, terroir and fragrance of the soil. These properties characterise the soul of these wines.

New Zealand: Central Otago

Misha’s Vineyard Wines – Stand X135

Contact: Andy Wilkinson

e: andy@mishasvineyard.com

w: www.nzwine.com

Misha’s Vineyard is located on a spectacular site on the edge of Lake Dunstan in Central Otago – the Pinot Noir capital of New Zealand. The sun-drenched north-west facing terraces of the 57-hectare estate provide the optimal conditions for producing world-class Pinot Noir and a range of aromatic white varieties. Named by UK Decanter Magazine as one of the Top 20 Wine Producers in New Zealand, Misha’s Vineyard’s wines are crafted by renowned winemaker, Olly Masters. Owners, Andy and Misha Wilkinson have a ‘no compromise’ philosophy which requires an exacting sustainable viticulture regime, hand-picking and considerate winemaking methodologies.


Portugal: Azores

Pico Wines – Stand X188

Contact: Thomas Grundmann

e: T@Picowines.com

w: www.picowines.com

The viticulture of Pico Island is situated (almost) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Azorean Islands. The soil of Pico Island is consisting of basaltic lava – a vast area of vineyards that were classified in 2004 as a UNESCO World Heritage. An extreme maritime climate and the soil are giving special and unique characteristics to our wine. Until today, the methods of planting and harvesting the grapes are the same as many centuries ago – all done manually without any mechanization, preserving the essence of our terroir. The current indigenous varieties – such as Azorean Arinto, Verdelho and Pico’s Terrantez as well as Merlot and Syrah more recently – survived and are surviving within the little man-made stone walls used to provide shelter from the saline winds (“currais”). The fame of wine from the Azores is based on fortified wines, once exported as far as Boston, Hamburg, London and St. Petersburg.


Portugal: Douro

Quinta do Pessegueiro – Stand X158

Contact: Joao

e: quintadopessegueiro@zannier.com

w: www.quintadopessegueiro.com

Nature, history and men have forged the culture and values of the Douro. To keep alive its landscape and its reputation we work in the time-honoured way of respect for traditions and heritage. We integrate the notions of sustainable development in every step of our production and the energy consumed by our cellar is produced from renewable sources. We work without respite and do all we can to perpetuate the creation of authentic wine-making masterpieces.


Portugal: Douro

Quinta de Foz Torto – Stand X165

Contact: Abilio Tabares da Silva

e: ats@mail.eunet.pt

w: www.facebook.com/FozTorto/

Quinta de Foz Torto is located in the heart of Douro, a territory of stunning landscapes with exceptional conditions for wine production. It is a life project of an entrepreneur, a former computer engineer, who fell in love with the Douro and invested in a estate. Foz Torto wines were born from the expression of love for the vineyards and from the work of Sandra Tavares da Silva, a winemaker internationally recognised in the art of creating blended wines from Douro grape varieties.


Portugal: Douro Superior

Muxagat Vinhos, Lda – Stand X137

Contact: Susana Lopes

e: susana@muxagat.pt

w: www.muxagat.pt

In the middle of the village of Mêda, built in granite, with underground vats and granite “lagares”for the traditionalfoot treading, there is a very old winery where the Muxagat wines are produced.
Muxagat Vinhos is a small family company that already has in its portfolio six great wines produced with high quality grapes planted in the Douro region, more specifically in the Upper Douro sub-region.
Our goal is the production of natural wines, where the oenological intervention is minimal. We have tried, above all, to express the quality and character of the grapes variety and the typical terroir of the Douro.
Today, we produce about 40 000 bottles per year, without ever losing sight of our purpose, producing high quality natural wines.


Portugal: Douro Superior

Quinta de Maritavora – Stand X165

Contact: Manuel Teixeira

e: mrt@maritavora.com

w: www.maritavora.com

Quinta de Maritávora was founded in the mid 19th century in Douro Superior. Still a family-own, making it one of the oldest winery in Portugal. Between 1870 and 2003. In 2003, Manuel Gomes Mota, the great great grandson of the estate’s founder, took control of the estate, and quickly shifted the focus of the winery. Now much more focused on table wines, based upon the idea of preserving both heritage and terroir of the Douro, exemplified by organic farming and minimal intervention.


Portugal: Alentejo

Casa Agricola HMR – Stand X152

Contact: Joao Carmona

e: joao.carmona@casaagricolahmr.pt

w: www.herdadedomontedaribeira.pt

Herdade do Monte da Ribeira belongs to Casa Agrícola H.M.R., until 2010 called CADE – Companhia Agrícola de Desenvolvimento, S.A.

The estate is located on the outskirts of Marmelar, about 15 km from the town of Vidigueira and the Alqueva dam, and comprises approximately 330 hectares dedicated to croplands, hunting, olive and citrus groves and grape growing.

Located on the south slope of the Serra do Mendro, a geological formation separating the Upper and Lower Alentejo, the estate presents some topographical challenges. The valleys surrounding the mountain allow for the capture of significant quantities of water, an essential condition for modern agriculture in a region as hot and dry as the Lower Alentejo. The mountain slope also serves as a shelter from the prevailing winds that blow from the north and northeast which, in turn, translates into slightly higher temperatures and a lower relative humidity than its surroundings. All these factors have a great impact on the vineyard, aiding the grapes to ripen well and in a healthy fashion.


Portugal: Alentejo

Altas Quintas – Stand X150

Contact: Sara Duque

e: altasquintas@mail.telepac.pt

w: www.altasquintas.com

Altas Quintas was born of an obsession for making Alentejo wines with unusual characteristics designed for demanding wine lovers.
Altas Quintas stands out, first of all, due to its location: a plateau at 600 meters above sea level in north-eastern Alentejo (Portalegre), at the hills of São Mamede Natural Park. The altitude, the properties of the mountain soil and a unique microclimate give rise to wines with unparalleled characteristics: an unrivaled balance of acidity in the whole of Alentejo!

The fermentation of red wines takes place in temperature-controlled French oak casks from Seguin Moreau cooperage. Barrels for maturation are only used for three years.

The Altas Quintas project was awarded 3 Gold Medals at The Spring Tasting of the Grand International Wine Award MUNDUS VINI 2017:
– Reserva White 2014;
– Colheita Red 2010;
– and Reserva Red 2007.


Portugal: Alentejo

Herdade da Mingorra – Stand X122

Contact: Sofia Uva

e: sofiauva@mingorra.com

w: www.mingorra.com

Herdade da Mingorra is recalling its history. It speaks of Henrique Uva, and his arrival to Alentejo 30 years ago, while looking for the wildest partridges of the region.

Today, he sees the accomplishment of not only a solid agricultural property but also a winery that yields assertive wines with character.

It is a story he decided to share, with the help of his 4 daughters, to see Mingorra and its wines reborn.

With 165ha of vineyard in full production and 10ha more growing well, Mingorra is now a producer that has assured its place on the market, nationally and internationally.

In all the bottles you can feel the signature of the winemaker and the attributes of making wine from vineyards of 30/45 years old.


Portugal: Lisboa

Quinta da Boa Esperança – Stand X170

Contact: Antonio Gama

e: antonio@quintadaboaesperanca.com

w: www.quintadaboaesperanca.com

Quinta da Boa Esperança was born in order to create a space that could resurrect an ancient tradition and way of life. We believe in the respect for nature and in its joyful coexistence with man.
The stunning coastal lands of Zibreira form a part of the western region of Portugal, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Monte Junto ridge. It is an integral part of the Lisbon Wine Region, which is one of the largest wine producing regions in the country.
Here, in our cellars, the wine is delicately hand crafted with care and precision through the work and effort of a people who have resided here for hundreds of years. They possess an intricate knowledge of this land and its bounty, and cherish every inch of its coveted soil. Through the application of an ancient knowledge and in harmony with nature, we have created an authentic wine which truly reflects its heritage.



The Portuguese Winery – Stand X127

Contact: Isaura Brito

e: isaura.brito@theportuguesewinery.pt

w: www.theportuguesewinery.pt

The Portuguese Winery is a family business with an international vocation, focused on the production of quality wines, innovation and development of our Vineyards. Openness to innovation and the ambition to do different – allied to respect for tradition and the values of ethics and responsibility – mark the genesis of our organization that has been able to preserve the founder’s vision of producing high quality wines by traditional methods yet adapting it to the inevitable change of times


Romania: Dragasani

Agricola Stirbey srl – Stand X132

Contact: Jakob Kripp

e: jakob.kripp@stirbey.com

w: www.stirbey.com

Since 1700, the Prince Stirbey family on their 20 hectares estate in the Dragasani wine region in Romania has produced high quality wines from mainly indigenous grape varieties, made for enthusiasts of natural wines, devoted to terroir. With attentive treatment of grapes, must and wine, we let nature develop each grape´s own character – each distinguishable from the other, forming together a family devoted to terroir and local traditions, and clearly different from international mainstream wines.

South Africa:

Broad Valley Wines & Rascallion Wines

Contact: David Kretzmar & Ross Sleet

e: david@broadvalleywines.co.za / ross@rascallionwines.co.za

w: broadvalleywines.co.za / rascallionwines.co.za

Broad Valley Wines
Broad Valley Wines is situated in the Overberg region of South Africa, 12kms from the Atlantic Ocean, in a region famous for terroir driven Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines.
Owners David and Leigh Kretzmar are showing their wine for the first time at Wines Unearthed, showcasing their 2014 Pinot Noir. This wine is a youthful expression of ripe red fruit, fine tannins and a savoury finish.
Rascallion Wines
Rascallion Wines embraces the serious business of creating daring wine brands. Partners Ross Sleet and David Kretzmar will be launching their wines to the UK trade at Wines Unearthed.
Rascallion crafts blended wines as they reflect their desire to showcase the best results from the diverse terroirs of South Africa.
Four wines will be debuted:
Aquiver – a fresh and appealing Chenin Blanc blend
Pandiculation – a fruity and full Shiraz dominated blend
Sususrrous –a lightly oaked, full flavoured Chenin blend
Bombinate – a bold, spicy Shiraz based blend.


South Africa:

Windmeul – Stand X108

Contact: Marius Burger

e: exports@windmeul.com

w: www.windmeul.com

Windmeul Kelder is renowned for creating wines of distinction from the Paarl region that can be sampled in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of our convivial tasting room. Our approach is based on a combination of cutting-edge wine making techniques and age-old wisdom that is applied side by side in our state-of-the-art facilities.


South Africa:

Louisvale – Stand X184

Contact: Helene Van Der Merwe

e: helene@louisvale.com

w: www.louisvale.com

Louisvale is situated at the foot of the majestic Stellenbosch mountains in verdant Devon Valley. Our lush, manicured vineyards produce outstanding wines, particularly Chardonnay for which we have won many awards. Louisvale, one of the pioneers of Chardonnay in South Africa, is still solely planted to Chardonnay albeit different Davis clones. The vineyards are all east-facing and planted in an east-west direction. The Bottelary Hill to the west offers welcome shade in the peak of summer when the sun sets behind it allowing for slower ripening and richer fruit development.Deep, well-drained Hutton and Clovelly decomposed granite soils ensure that the vineyards remain ‘dryland’ until after the harvest, after which the vines are irrigated. All Louisvale grapes are hand-harvested and the vineyard blocks are treated separately. Since 1994, the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have been sourced from the neighbouring vineyard, where the wine maker partners with the owner in managing the vines to Louisvale’s exact specifications. By doing this, he has ensured that the red wines have retained their Louisvale character.


Spain: Rioja

Bodega Carlos Moro – Stand X174

Contact: Ignacio Peral

e: enologia@bodegacarlosmoro.com

w: www.bodegacarlosmoro.com

Located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, in the heart of the Rioja Alta region, this new winery seeks to become a referential on a region where excellence and quality are the hallmarks, in both the production methods and wines. For history, tradition, quality and for market share, this Apellation of Origin constitutes a respected introduction card of the quality Spanish wines around the world. After more than two years of exploration and searching excellent terroirs, Carlos Moro aims to create a new landmark in the region with the seal of Matarromera, its prestigious wines its commitment to innovation, sustainability and diversification.

Spain: Rioja

Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta – Stand X154

Contact: Marta Martin

e: marta@riojataste.com

w: www.martinezlacuesta.com

Founded in 1895, remains family -owned and operated- quality winery. Is one of the eight most old wineries in Rioja.Annual production is about one million two hundred bottles. The range of wines varies in reds from Young wines, Crianzas, Reservas and Gran Reservas also produces white wines and roses and a unique recipe white and red Vermouth too. The winery owns 60 ha. Of vineyards that produce grapes of exceptional quality.The brand Martinez Lacuesta is a reference of Rioja in Spain. For the last 20 years has been selling the wines and vermouth in Uk. Until the importer decided to close the importing business.

Spain: Mallorca 

Can Axartell – Stand X145

Contact: Agustí Mascaró pou

e: agusti.mascaro@canaxartell.es

w: www.canaxartell.com/en/

Can Axartell is a winery located in the north of Mallorca, in a valley at the foothills of the “Serra de Tramuntana”, a mountain range declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The marine breeze from the Mediterranean Sea and its particular limestone soil gives the grapes their distinctive characteristics and finesse.
The winery has been built into the depths of an old stone quarry in order to benefit from the natural coolness of the rocks during the winemaking process and the subsequent conservation of the wines. The architecture of the winery is based on the gravity principle: grapes find their way from the vines to the bottle only by the force of gravity, without using any sort of mechanical pumps.
In Can Axartell the vineyards are cultivated organically and the wines we produce are also totally organic. Currently the estate comprises about 60 ha where native varieties as Premsal blanc, Giró ros, Callet and Mantonegro are cultivated along with other highly regarded international grapes as Muscat, Malmsey, Pinot noir, Syrah, Merlot and Petit verdot.
Our motto is ‘The best wine is made with respect’, which defines how we work in Can Axartell and is what we truly believe.


Spain: Manchuela

Pago Alto Landon – Stand X138

Contact: Rosalia Molina

e: altolandon@altolandon.com

w: www.altolandon.com

Altolandon is a family project, located in Landete, Cuenca ….somewhere between three provinces: Valencia, Cuenca and Teruel. The winery is nestled in the middle of 120ha of vineyards, with an altitude up to 1100 metres, making them some of the highest vineyards in the whole Spain. Organic certified and vegan from the beginning, we produce high quality wines from different terroirs and cool climate locations. You will find old indigenous grapes such as 100 year old Bobal and Grenache and, unusually for Spain, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. We have wines with a real sense of place 


Spain: Catalunya

Antigva – Stand X192

Contact: Esteban Figuerola

e: export@antigvacava.com

w: www.antigvacava.com

We carefully select the estates which form the ANTIGVA project. On calcareous and clayey loam soils where the balance prevails between clay, sand and silt, with Licorellas (slate soils).
The estates are relatively small, each around 0,98Ha, with 50+ year old mono-varietal vines, and located at an average altitude of 450 meters above sea level.
We select the biodynamic compost which is used in the vineyard. A total alliance with the bowels of the earth: dandelion aromas, camomile flower, fungi, tree bark… Humus scented with a symphony of aromatic herbs.
We select the cuvées which are worth the definition of ‘exceptional’ among the musts we have been producing after harvesting each variety and each estate.
We select yeast based on the objective set for each case and in accordance with the final result we expect to obtain, with the aim of avoiding added sugar.
Only the exhaustive selection guarantees us the quality service that we demand and our customers can vouch for.


Spain: Aragón, Rioja

Hola Wines LL – Stand X140

Contact: Cristina Aldea

e: exports@holawines.com

w: www.holawines.com

HOLA ! WINES is a company that specializes in exporting fine Spanish wines. Founded in 2013, we work with a group of producers from various “Denominaciones de Origen and Vinos de la Tierra”, to position and market their wines abroad.

Our producers and oenologists are passionate about their craft. Thanks to their best efforts, we can offer customers the opportunity to enjoy superb wines of unique origin and character. These include a number of limited-release wines and all are from small to medium-sized bodegas. Behind their excellence are individuals and families, the rich soils of their “ terruño” and a deep-rooted tradition of winemaking expertise.

We offer access to the produce of professional, “artisanal bodegas” and their excellent, crafted Spanish wines, an attractive portfolio of complementary wines and the highest standards of professionalism and quality in our service.

Waiting for you, we have an impressive range of “Pequeños Grandes Vinos” (Great Little-Known Wines), ready to be shipped for the enjoyment of the most discerning consumers, wherever they may be.


Spain: Aragón, Rioja

Bodegas Solar de Urbezo – Stand X175

Contact: Santiago Gracia Isiegas

e: export@solardeurbezo.es

w: www.solardeurbezo.es

We are Solar de Urbezo, a small, family-owned and family-run winery in Cariñena, an appellation of origin in the region of Aragón, in Spain. We have been growing our own vineyard and making our own wine for more than 20 years, but our family has been part of the winemaking industry for more than a hundred years. In December we won an award for Best Winery in Aragón in 2016, a distinction granted by the historical and well-renowned newspaper Heraldo de Aragón. 

We grew and produced fully certified organic wine in 2015 for the first time, and we are also producing organic wine for the season of 2016, which we have already released. Some of our organic wines have been granted 90 points in the Peñín Guide, such as our Urbezo Garnacha 2015, which was also awarded with a Silver medal at the latest Grenaches du Monde competition. 

We put great effort and attention to detail in the growth and harvesting of our grapes. Approximately 100% of our production of Garnacha is hand-picked and we believe in winemaking with minimal chemical intervention, using only natural compost, which makes our wines artisan, unique, authentic, and extremely high-quality.


Spain: Aragón

Bodegas Larre – Stand X112

Contact: Ana Cristina Larre Lancis

e: ana.larre@bodegaslarre.com

w: www.bodegaslarre.com 

Bodegas Larre is a young company, founded in 2013, aiming to relaunch some wines full of history. Located in Villanueva de Gállego, Zaragoza is the consolidation of a dream where experience and passion for wine are combined, with innovation and the selection of the best grapes to make their wines.

Spain: Castile y Leon

Barcolobo – Stand X173

Contact: Manuel Del Pino

e: mdelpino@barcolobo.com

w: www.barcolobo.com

We have tried to produce a different wine at Bodega Barcolobo, shying away from the classic results to come up with something in which the harmony between fruit and wood represents a balance that is capable of conquering the palate of all wine lovers. It is a wine to be enjoyed and impresses all who try it. Barcolobo aims to be an expressive wine, elegant in nature, where one glass encourages another. Our wines are included among those in the ‘Wines from the Lands of Castile and Leon’ Protected Denomination of Origin.


Spain: Multi Regions

Otinar Wines – Stand X147

Contact: Juan Fernandez

e: info@otinarwines.com

w: www.otinarwines.com

We are passionate about creating exceptional wines. A few years ago we created our international wine brand “Otiñar” now available in different European and Asian markets. For our production, we closely work together with a few high class Spanish wineries to co-produce exceptional wines suitable for a range of palates. Although we are based in London, being one of our key markets the United Kingdom, we also cooperate with a good range of importers and distributors worldwide.


Spain: Manchuela

Cooperative UCI – Stand X101

Contact: Jose Moncayo

e: export@cooperativauci.com

w: www.cooperativauci.com

The Winery Cooperative UCI was founded in 1944 by 34 members which has grown to 1.200 today, who contribute grapes grown on 7.000 Ha that they collectively own.
UCI utilizes the highest technologies available with investments exceeding 12 million euros, which enables the winery to process more than 50 million kilograms of grapes. Recent investments include the purchase of a substantial number of French and American oak barrels for our traditional aging cellars.
The wine region “MANCHUELA” which is in central-south-eastern area of Spain, is a privileged geographical location between the rivers Jucar and Cabriel, which enjoys a special microclimate influenced by the Continent and the Mediterranean, with an elevation 750 meters above sea level. This special climate is ideal for the cultivation of the vine.
Tradition and deep-rooted culture influenced by the Romans and Arabs have continued to bring to our people the inheritance of thousands of years of viticulture which have enabled winery to offer outstanding quality wines.
In 2011 vintage, UCI added 1.500 Ha of ecological vineyards.



Evocative Galician Wines – Stand X120

Contact: Julio F. Monsalve

e: info@winenaturetrail.com

w: www.winenaturetrail.com

Evocative Galician Wines is a result of the union of small family owned wineries who have joined together to promote  and export NATURAL WINES. Wines that are produced with the minimum intervention possible.

It’s the meeting place of great and UNIQUE HEROS OF WINEGROWING: producers who take extraordinary care and control in the whole process of winemaking.

Our goal is to make these ‘Hero Wines’ accessible and visible.


Switzerland: Valais

Provins – Valais Mundi – Stand X189

Contact: Johanna Dayer

e: johanna.dayer@valaismundi.ch

w: www.provins.ch

Provins is one of the key producer of Switzerland. In terms of volume, it is the largest cellar. The company manages 830 hectares among the 5’000 hectares planted in the Valais area/appellation. It is also the most awarded producer and has been granted with the title of « best vintner of the year » twice (in 2008 and 2013). These distinctions demonstrate the high level of skills that lies in its winemaking experience.  It is also a sign of commitment of the large family of 3’400 vintners from whom the grapes are bought.  The production is very varied as the cellar processes approximately 6 million tons of grapes. They are then spread in 22 ranges using 22 different grape varieties with a wide diversity of both indigenous and international grape varieties. Globally, Provins represents 20% of the production of the Valais appellation and 10% of the Swiss production. Thanks to the high quality of our harvest and the hard work of our vintners’ team, we are able to satisfy a diverse clientele by producing 150 different wines. The cellar’s value is based on three key values: tradition, know-how and innovation. At Provins, we think the wine is an invitation to sharing, friendship and discovery, this is why the emotions are guaranteed. So, please come and have a taste ! 


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